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4. Communicating with Brands Once you know what you want to sell, you'll need to find a wholesale supplier who can provide you with that product.

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For sellers who have interacted directly with a customer to provide some type of customer support, it's perfectly reasonable to ask for a review. This is an opportune time to do so, in fact, since people are more likely to leave a favourable review following a positive customer service experience. There's never been a better time to sell on Amazon. The global marketplace's net sales are expected to reach as high as $162bn this year, and the company is likely to also overtake Walmart as America's largest retailer in the coming year. But success doesn't come without the work to back it up. To perform well on Amazon, sellers must establish a reputation as a quality provider of goods. A key way of doing so is through Amazon product reviews – that is, the written reviews that those who buy products on Amazon leave for sellers.

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We talk about applying the 2% Rule to your finances and part of this is finding ways to earn extra income. Most of what we share are side hustles and ideas that you can do as a stay at home parent or as a side hustle to current jobs you have. You can read more about the 2% Rule in our new book. But this one is going to be a little different. It's an opportunity to replace your current income entirely to potentially increase your income greatly! Who is good for this business of delivering packages for Amazon?

Then, in my search, I came across the Casio World Time. It's above and beyond what I was looking for - but it's exactly what I need. And for less than $30 for the steel(-toned, but actually still resin) version on sale on the likes of Amazon (and even less - like $20 - for other versions) how could I turn it down? At $30 or less, this watch proved its worth the first time out, and it's still doing so every day. I know I'm not exactly going to impress fancy collectors with this on my wrist, but that's not my point - and it seems even watch nerds can appreciate the Casio World Time. The funny thing is, I'm now just as attached to it as I am my mechanical watch.

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