MobileCharge extreme makeover

MobileCharge™ and MobileChargePro™ have gone through many changes and updates over the last five years. The latest evolutionary step brings support for high resolution BlackBerry screens (the new Curves, Bolds, Storms and so on) and a bold new graphical design to go with it. Don't worry though, the same trusted and secure foundation is still in tact. It's PCI / PA-DSS certified for security. The same advanced point-of-sale and data capture features continue to function - just in a prettier backdrop.

“Most apps that say they work on a Storm [or Storm II] forget to make icons and buttons large enough to actually be tapped on easily. The UI on the new MobileCharge is intuitive and easy enough for even us 'fat finger' types.”.

The MobileCharge extreme makeover doesn't just stop here. We are also hard at work re-arranging the flow of the app to make it even more intuitive, quick and focused. We understand that even one extra click each time you transact can add up to a lot of wasted time throughout the day. Also, just wait until you get a sneak peek at our remote user adminstration tool!